Micro Churches

At Salem Ridge we believe that discipleship is about relationships, and that at the center of Christian discipleship is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In our relationship with Jesus we are growing in our love for God and love for others, and in our ability to partner with Jesus in serving our communities and around the world.
As Jesus’ disciples, we don’t desire another way to “do church” or to start another church program.  What we desire is the best way to “do life.”  The way we’re learning to do life is by gathering as families in local Micro Churches, where we focus on the basics of love for God and others, Scripture, fellowship, worship, prayer and service.
Currently we have four separate Micro Churches meeting during the week: Two meeting every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm; and two meeting every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.
If you have questions about Micro Churches, please call Pastor Brian at 717-597-8426, or email salemridge@embarqmail.com
We welcome you to gather with us to:
EXALT Jesus as Lord…
LEAD each member to spiritual maturity, and…
SHARE with those in need.